Friday, 18 December 2009

Oh yeah..

I've kinda managed to scan in some of my personal project:

First of all, go listen to Shellac's Prayer to God. You will obviously appreciate what an awesome song it is and see why I chose it for my 'lyrics' project. Only I chose to disregard most of the lyrics and concentrate on the idea of coming up with as many 'fun' ideas as I could for killing him.

These are some of the cards I made. They're pretty crude I know, and unfortunately all smudged because the ink on the backs stuck together :(

My mum said they were a bit 'obscene' - praise indeed

Oh dear...

Incredibly lazy on the blog front.. whoops. My portfolio has been in the studio for a few weeks being marked so I guess I'll scan in a few images from sketchbooks done over the past few months.

Why am I doing this? Speaking to fourth year flatmates is rather depressing. Listening to Andy bitch and moan about having to apply for jobs, when he gets given a website with a huge list of potential employers, contact details, job perks and vacancies, just reinforces my gloomy conclusion that I have been an idiot and chosen a course with no real career prospects at the end of it...