Sunday, 26 September 2010

Colour Project

For Summer we were given a very open brief - experiment with colour and how we might associate colour with emotion, and vice-versa. My outcome is a six-panel study of the colour grey in all its wonderful forms. I have tried to use a variety of brushstrokes and tones to build up layers of a colour that I feel reflects my experience of emotion and how I perceive them.

I've been told I come across to a lot of people as a very calm, matter-of-fact individual. When I was younger I would try and scowl people down, and earned a reputation for arrogant aloofness. Now that I smile more, people don't tend to make this association so much, but I still don't like my work to be particularly open or personal (with regard to my own experiences)

Having said that, I think this work reflects my personality a fair bit, and hopefully gets across my love for displaying the impassive face, the hint of something underneath, and my experience that emotion is so rarely experienced raw or in isolation.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

We're back

I am a sad creature of habit and routine. So it's no surprise I love being back at Uni..

The past week and a half has been spent researching murals and much geometric abstraction. These are a few sketchbook pages - eventually I hope to form a composition combining the elements of grid structure, space and texture. Not entirely sure I'd ever want to put it on a wall though!