Saturday, 14 November 2009


We've spent the last week doing collage in Photoshop. At first I felt restricted because it's hard to keep in mind all the source material available - all the images I have scanned in are tucked away in neat folders and I can't have them spread in front of me all at once like I normally would. I like how collage produces an image determined by what source material you have (or don't have). I would normally use collage as experimental development and find it hard to form concrete ideas. Hence the images I have produced are led by aesthetics and a 'feeling' rather than a moral/message.
The images produced are inspired by the Guardian's Grayson Perry article 'What I know about women'. I thought it was a piece of text very open to interpretation; chock full of wonderful sentences to blow apart and explore. If I'm honest I'm not sure about the result: I think I was a little too determined to use certain images in my pieces just because I'd spent so long digitally cutting them out. I'd have liked to produce a wee system map or flow chart - depicting what, I'm not quite sure.. So it's not quite the image I had in my head (there were more dismembered limbs), but meh, it's collage.

..I've just realised I hadn't meant to leave that arm (against the diver) in the first image.. muhh

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